1. Classes began today. I got lucky and only had one lecture, “Global Orientations: British Culture” and the main lecturer is the manifestation of British humour itself.

    Some of tonight’s gems:

    • "Right. This class is about British culture. What is British culture? I have no bloody idea. That’s it for class today."
    • "You’re not going to agree with every view in this class, so it’s a good time to practice proper disagreement etiquette. You’re welcome to be rude, but please be rude politely." 
    • "Please do try to keep awake in class. If you’re having trouble keeping awake, amphetamines are always useful."
    • "London is nothing like the rest of the country. Some towns absolutely hate London. For example - if you’re from Liverpool, you’re required to sign a contract at birth agreeing to hate London for your entire life. But Liverpool is a shit hole, so it’s fine."